As today’s BBQ lovers become more and more adventurous, chefs are
utilizing out-of-the-box smoking to create unique flavor profiles.

Adding a dose of smoky goodness to foods is growing in popularity, with no slowing down in sight. According to Technomic, over half of all consumers find smoky flavors appealing or extremely appealing. And while conventional smoke flavors such as hickory and applewood are still most popular, other smoking woods are gaining favor with chefs, as well as other smoky ingredients you can substitute for conventional smoked meats.

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Smoky Flavors:

Smoking meats allows chefs to use their creativity not only with the meats that they choose, like brisket and pulled meats, but also with the opportunity to experiment with different spices, seasonings and flavors of smoke. These smoky flavors can enhance and elevate their meats that their customers crave.

Hickory Smoke

Profile: When smoking meat with hickory, meat takes on a sweet/smoky flavor that is both and strong and bold.

Popularity:1 Flavor on 5% of US menus has grown 3% in the past four years.

Applewood Smoke

Profile: By adding applewood to meat, it is able to take on a mild and subtly fruity flavor.

Popularity:2 Flavor on almost 10% of US menus. Applewood has grown almost 20% in the past few years.

Cherry Smoke

Profile: With this flavor, meat can have a sweet, mild and fruity taste, especially when paired with bacon and ham.

Popularity:3 Cherry smoke is on fewer menus, but has grown tremendously in the past four years, over 106.3%.

Maple Smoke

Profile: Maple adds both a mild and sweet flavor as a smoke or a syrup glaze.

Popularity:4 Menus have seen this flavor grow over 33%.

Bourbon Smoke

Profile: By adding bourbon to meat, it is able to take on a complex flavor of smooth, buttery, sweet, tart, smoky, and savory.

Popularity:5 Like cherry smoke, bourbon has grown quickly, at over 200% in the past four years.

Flavor Builders:

Smoked meats are enhanced not only by smoked wood flavors, but also by unique spices that can make meals memorable. While many of these flavors are familiar to customers, the smoke treatment has given these a new, complex taste that everyone can appreciate.

Smoked Salt9

Profile: A critical flavor that can create a unique dish for your customers.

Popularity:6 Over 110% growth in the past four years.

Smoked Honey10

Profile: Nature’s traditional sweetener. While seemingly simple, smoked honey adds a complex and lingering flavor to your meats.

Popularity:7 Has grown almost 57% in the past four years.

Smoked Aioli11

Profile: The perfect complement for many meals. Adds a pleasant flavor in a non-overwhelming way.

Popularity:8 It has grown almost 125% in the past few years.

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